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Are your policies outdated?

For companies starting out, policies often come into play when needed, due to specific circumstances. With established companies, policies have typically been around for some time, often being revised due to specific changes or needs. Regardless of the origin, it’s easy for these policies to become outdated and/or contradictory.

When’s the last time you really read your policies? Did you give them a token review, just basically glancing through to see if they “looked right?” Have you compared policies that may be related to see if they convey the same information? It’s not unusual when new policies come into play, that they may in part conflict with older policies due to contradictory instructions or information.

Why should managers care about their policies? Isn’t that an HR issue?

In smaller companies, the managers can serve as HR! Even when a company has an established HR department, having conflicting or outdated policies can cause confusion or misunderstandings within the department. Problematic policies can increase risk in legal action, too.

Many companies have gone through substantial changes in the last years with Covid and remote work. If your policies have not kept up with the changes, now is a great time to get them updated. If you now have remote workers, have you changed policies related to time keeping? Dress code? Office hours? Did you make changes adding Covid protocols that should now be changed again?

As we look forward during this time of year, it’s a good time to also reflect on things that have changed. Review your policies to make sure you’re providing employees with the most updated and consistent information. That can help them and you be better situated for success!

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