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HR Consulting for Small Business

People may ask why they need an HR Consultant for a small business, especially if you have no or very few employees. Let's look at what an HR Consultant does and how can they help make sure you're spending your money, time and energy wisely.

First, if you plan to grow, you are likely going to add employees at some point.  And that can be the beginning of growth and excitement or risk and regret.  A lot of time, energy, and/or money are tied up in your staff, and it’s in your best interest to set yourself and them up for success. An HR Consultant can help you plan to make sure you’re looking for someone with the right skills and experience to make that happen.  We can also help with compensation planning and onboarding.

Once you’ve decided to add some help, do you know the difference between an independent contractor and an employee?    What about exempt vs nonexempt and overtime rules?  The Department of Labor recently updated some of these rules, and knowing the differences and which will serve you best can help you plan and limit the chance of an audit with potential fines.

A lot of owners don’t realize there are compliance requirements even with just one employee.  An HR Consultant can help with that, too, so you can provide the staff with the information they need (and that you may be required to give).  And if you have remote employees who live in different states, you likely have multiple requirements based on the state of residence (as well as the location of your business).

Communication is key when working with others. An HR Consultant can help you put expectations and processes in place to provide clarity and accountability, so you and your staff know what to expect.

Growing any business is exciting and takes planning.  Adding staff provides resources and additional expertise that you want to use wisely.  An HR Consultant can help make sure that happens!  It really is best for all involved to set up the situation for the success of you and your employees.

HR Consulting for Small Business
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