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Staying Safe at Work

Most companies and individuals want to be safe at work. And many companies put a lot into safety training. But is that where it ends?

As we’re going through the summer months, there’s certainly emphasis on the heat and the effect it can have on our bodies. Companies that require workers to work outside during the day or in open warehouses where air conditioning can’t compete with the heat tend to post reminders to stay hydrated, take breaks when needed, etc.

But is that enough?

It is so important to have a culture that requires safety first. Checking a box for training or putting up posters doesn’t cut it if you aren’t requiring staff to pay attention and follow the standards. Managers must set the standard and make it clear that safety isn’t secondary, even when production can be affected. Individuals taking safety short cuts or ignoring safety rules must immediately be held accountable and managers must be held accountable for making that clear. Staff should be encouraged to help each other and rewarded for bringing up any concerns or questions about safety.

And staying safe can’t be seasonal, either. Staying aware of temperature related concerns, using proper lifting techniques, and following equipment protocols must be second nature to all staff at all times. Trainings should be repeated, required, and given the gravity of importance deserved.

In these summer months, stay cool. But always, stay safe.

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