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I consider myself a Drama Exterminator. 

Many organizations face negative conflict and lose productivity simply because they don't have the right tools and resources in place.  This causes drama and destructive behaviors. 

Let's discuss how to turn conflict into productivity and growth!



Putting Business & Employees on the same path to Success

BAG HR Consulting is designed to  help businesses and employees achieve success.  Struggling with Retention?  Processes not clear?  Employees not meeting expectations?  Working through or needing a culture change?  Let us help!

Mission/Core Values

Promoting clarity, accountability, and compassionate honesty


In today’s business environment, often noted as the time of the Great Resignation, an emphasis on finding and retaining the right talent is more important than ever.  The Covid pandemic caused individuals to re-evaluate their lives and purpose and companies must consider how this affects business operations.


Additionally, rising costs and the shrinking workforce require new ways of conducting business.  Management must focus on their product/service needs.  This is where BAG HR Consulting can help by providing the tools needed to set protocols and establish guidelines to maximize productivity within the workforce.

Having experience in various industries and company sizes, BAG HR Consulting can also provide a speaker for conference and individual company needs.   Topics range from Motivation to Recruitment/Retention to Leadership Training and Do's & Don'ts in the Workforce.  Additional topics are available as needed.


BAG HR Consulting is a woman-owned business that provides organizations with Senior Level Human Resources experience to help with all aspects of human management.  We establish HR protocols, policies, handbooks, documentation, provide management and/or employee training in all areas of employee relations, provide consultation during audits, develop strategies for growth/succession planning, and assist with leadership coaching and/or other issues as needed.  In addition, we're available for speaking engagements on a local or national level.


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