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Why BAG HR Consulting?

What make companies successful?  Without fail, it's the people involved.  People bring creativity, energy, and productivity.  They can also bring drama, chaos, and conflict.  At BAG HR Consulting. we help companies and people work together to maximize the benefits of a community of individuals whiie minimizing the drama.  

BAG HR Consulting is truly a passion project, working to unite corporate and individual success.  Spending a large portion of our lives at work, we strive to make that time productive and fulfilling. 

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Barbara Giesing

Certified in Small Business Management

What makes me unique?


My undergraduate degree in journalism set me up to listen without judgement and look for the facts.  This is key in HR.    I’ve seen first hand how people can view the same situation in completely opposite ways—it doesn’t mean either or both are wrong, their perceptions have skewed the facts.  The key is finding the source of confusion/frustration/disagreement and working toward a solution.

With over 30 years of experience, I have worked in companies from only two employees up to global corporations with thousands of employees all over the world.  I have experience in strategic planning, cultural development, mediation, legal issues (including testifying in court), conflict management, management training, safety training, DOL and CARF audits. I have presented locally and to national audiences.  

I've also had the opportunity to experience two mergers/acquisitions, one from each side of the equation (buyer and seller).  I've seen up close what works about them and have also clearly seen some missed opportunities!

Specific skill set includes:

·         Human Resources (HR)

·         Recruiting

·         Talent Management

·         Employee Relations

·         Performance Management

·         Employee Engagement

·         HR Consulting

·         Succession Planning/Talent Development

·         Policy Development

·         Compensation & Benefits

Presentation topics include recruiting/retention, leadership training, conflict management, motivation, inclusion, HR/Leadership roles in Mergers and Acquisitions, current benefit offerings, and all things HR.

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