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Half Thru 2022!

Once again, another year is flying by. We are basically at the halfway point of 2022. It is so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day worlds and the time just flies by. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is having their annual conference in New Orleans this week with a title of “Cause the Effect.” If we keep our heads down and continue our current course, will we in fact cause any effect?

Most of us have felt at least some stirrings in all that’s going on these days that make us want to stop and say, “We need a change!” I certainly have been inspired by various events to want to stand up and be heard. But it’s so much easier to go back to what I’m doing and just make it through the day.

In a business or any environment, we must take action to move forward. As a company owner, are we treading water or moving forward? As managers, are there frustrating employee issues that we’ve basically ignored because it’s easier than taking action? Are there policies/processes that don’t make sense but changing them would create extra effort so it’s easier to just keep following them?

In business as well as life, change will happen. The question is whether it’s happening to us or because of us. I’m going to strive to get back to steering the ship as opposed to letting the tide drive the boat.

Enjoy your day!

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