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Public Libraries--An Often Untapped Resource for Small Business!

I’m going a little off topic today, but have you visited your public library lately?  Public libraries are great untapped resources for small businesses on all kinds of topics.  Today is National Librarian Day so I wanted to give a shout out to these wonderful individuals and institutions!

Those of us who’ve been around a little longer may remember libraries as a great source of reading materials for the summer (back in the “old” days where summer mean extra time). But they are so much more than that now!  Did you know many libraries offer classes on all types of topics, from business to career development to college prep to computer technology and more. 

For small businesses that struggle with training opportunities for their employees, have you considered checking the local library for resources and sending your staff there?

Some libraries even have AV rooms and equipment that can be utilized for various purposes.  And the librarians themselves are wonderful resources for all kinds of subject matter.  There are also rooms available for rent at a very reasonable price (some are free).  And there are digital resources available for legal help, business/entrepreneurship, marketing, health, career—basically most topics you can think of.

So if you’re struggling for resources for yourself or your staff, don’t forget to look at your nearby library.  Many of the larger library systems are available for free to neighboring towns.  And some will allow access for a small fee if you’re not part of their specific area.

For small businesses who may need additional help in training, research, etc., check with a librarian to see how they can help!  And be sure and tell them thanks for all they do!  You can also remind your staff of the resource and encourage them to visit!

Librarian helping an individual on a laptop.
Women working at a library.

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