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Is your company transparent?

Companies want to be transparent. Don't they? But what does that even mean? Theoretically, to me it means being clear about what we want/expect and maybe the why of it. But personally, those characteristics can change along with the day.

I may want some help with a project and so I talk about the project and what I want to accomplish, but then when someone "helps" with it, they're bringing their own notions/expectations that don't always align with mine. That doesn't mean they're doing the wrong thing or that my way is the only way, but it can still be off-putting when someone goes a different direction for the same goal.

What's difficult for me at times is to step back and remember this. If the work is getting done and the goal hasn't changed, that's fine. Often, it's even better as it allows others to enhance the vision. Everyone likes to feel a sense of accomplishment. Where I can miss the mark is in a failure to acknowledge the difference in the process and express appreciation in how the individual achieved the goal.t exact

So bringing it back to transparency, acknowledging change and appreciating the differences should be part of it. Being transparent needs to mean we look at ourselves and our expectations and be open to new how your blog looks on your website from the Settings panel. Wix Blogs lets you hide or display the author name and picture, date and reading time, views, comments and likes counter. Toggle between the options and view your changes in real time.

If your blog is connected to a Members Area, you’ll want to make sure the Login button is visible to users. To send automatic email notifications to subscribers every time there’s a post, turn on the email notification option on your Settings panel. Start managing your blog posts from your dashboard by clicking on Manage Posts.

From the Dashboard, you can create, edit and delete posts and update your SEO settings. You can also duplicate or draft posts, turn off commenting, or delete a post altogether by clicking (...) on each blog post.

Once you’re happy with your blog, make sure to publish your posts from the Dashboard and go live with your site by clicking Publish.

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