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Are You and/or Your Employees Burned Out?

Hooray! It’s Monday morning! When’s the last time that thought came to your mind?

It’s hard to maintain motivation even when things are going well, but in today’s environment, with political strife, war, disease, inflation, worker shortages and all the other good times we’re constantly hearing about, it can be even more difficult.

So what have you done to help yourself and your staff? When’s the last time you had fun at work or encouraged others to have fun? Are you purposely building positivity into your culture?

Halloween may be over, but nothing is stopping you from walking in with a bag of candy (plus it’s likely on sale . . . ) and dropping off a piece or two on everyone’s desk. Or maybe pass out post-it notes or something brightly colored with messages like: “Have a fun day!” or “Thanks for being here” or something silly. You could be stealthy and pass them out when no one is around, leaving one on your own desk, and feign curiosity with the others as to who left them! If you have remote workers, send an electronic card with a fun message or send some small value gift cards to their home ($5 for a drink/snack). Wouldn’t any of those things brighten your day?

Get a group together to volunteer at an organization or set up a clothing or toy drive for the holidays. Focusing on others is a great way to get out of your head. Have a yellow day where everyone wears something yellow. You can have little yellow ribbons for people to wear if they don’t have anything yellow or if they forget so everyone is in on it. Or have everyone wear their favorite color. Have a drawing where the winner gets to take off an hour early. These are things that can work for on-site or remote employees. Use your imagination and think about what works with your work culture.

Shake things up. Do something out of character (as long as it’s uplifting . . . ). We can all use a smile and/or a good laugh these days and it does brighten the mood. It’s been easy to take ourselves too seriously these days. Let’s reinject fun at work!

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