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Being Grateful

Who doesn’t want to feel valued and appreciated?

It’s that time of year and a good time to reflect on how you show your appreciation to your staff. Do they know how you feel about their work? Would they say you express your gratitude and that they feel valued?

Truly caring about and appreciating your staff goes beyond giving them a turkey for Thanksgiving. Providing feedback on a consistent basis is the most helpful gift you can provide. None of us should be in the dark about our work—we should know we’re on the right track or that we need to be making efforts to improve towards our goals or that it’s time to find another job if the role isn’t what we need to be successful.

Many managers refrain from providing feedback in the moment because they’re too busy, or they’re frustrated, or they just don’t think about it or various other excuses. But how can we expect our staff to be on the same path if we don’t talk with them about their work, especially if we have questions, concerns or we’re pleased with the progress?

Think about when you’ve felt most successful. Likely it’s been when you’ve been part of a team with a clear goal, and you know and are valued in your role in accomplishing it. That’s the type of atmosphere in which your team is most likely to thrive.

You should provide feedback in the moment frequently. It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out or confrontational. If you’re pleased, say so. If you’re concerned, ask questions—they may have good reason for what they’re doing and if not, help them understand your expectations. Most people truly want to do a good job and make a difference. As a manager, you can provide the tools and feedback to help make that happen.

Be grateful for the good work your employees do and make sure they know how you feel about it. And do that often--not just at certain times of the year!

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