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Declutter and Improve Staff Skills!

It’s the time of year for me that I like to try and declutter as much as possible and, coincidentally, it’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

How often do you have to search for an important document or information that you know you have, you just can’t remember where you put it?  As I try harder each year to move to as paperless an existence as possible, I’m realizing I can still “lose” things on the computer, so that didn’t necessarily remove my need for organization.  At least on the computer you have the search option, but you need to remember the correct keywords or it can still be a challenge!

Anyway, do you have someone on your team who is highly organized?  This is a great time to start thinking about your team and their individual talents.  If you have someone who’s highly organized, maybe they can give a short presentation on tips and tricks for organization.  That gives them an opportunity to showcase some of their talents, practice their presentation skills and share important information with the rest of your team!

As you think about what is cluttering your work, how can you utilize your employees in new ways to help with things that may not be your strength, but could be theirs?  And what types of opportunities would this provide them?  Can you task them with helping the rest of the team?

Besides strong organizational skills, do you have someone who excels at project management?  Time management? Budgeting? Relationship building?  These are skills we use at work and can help personally, too!  Think about their strengths, acknowledge them by asking for help.

It can help you and your team and it’s a great way to compliment and recognize their strengths!

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