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Happy ??? Professional's Day!

I’m not sure why but it makes me laugh; most days are Happy Some Type of Professionals Day! It happens to be HR today which is why I did notice it a little more, but what is it we hope to accomplish by acknowledging it these days?

Don’t get me wrong—it’s nice to get recognition/appreciation and frankly, we can all probably use a little more of it. As someone who’s spent most of my professional life working to help companies achieve success and employees to feel valued, I’d like to think this recognition comes across more than once every 365 days.

I can think of multiple professions that give tirelessly and individuals who are the “stars” of organizations in their attitudes and work ethic. Clearly, they should achieve satisfaction in the knowledge that they’re making a difference in their work. I have truly come to believe that the individuals who consistently work hard and do their best are innately happier than those who don’t really care and/or don’t want to work hard and/or put the most effort into making their co-workers as unhappy as they are. Certainly, we should acknowledge the positive work efforts more often than we do.

My goals in Human Resources are related to helping organizations find and support the individuals who want to make the most of their working experience. Helping employees understand and appreciate their roles within the organization, and ensuring that the company provides that reciprocal appreciation are key. Individuals who feel that the work they do is valued will be happy professionals. HR should work to produce policies and programs within organizations that support this type of environment.

So, Happy HR Professional’s Day! And I hope we all put in our best efforts into enhancing organizations to bring out and appreciate the best in employees. Then we can have more days that are Happy Company and Employee’s Day!

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