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How do managers keep employees focused?

Unless we’re new at a job, we typically understand our responsibilities.  But how do managers keep their employees focused?  We have so many distractions today, it’s easy to get sidetracked.  That can lead to low productivity and morale.

So what can leaders do to help employees keep their eyes on the goals?

Do you engage with your staff?  Do you help them with their tasks from time to time?  Do they believe they are part of a team or are they just individuals doing their jobs?  Whether your staff is in the office or remote, they need to feel like they’re part of something bigger.  They need to understand that their role is vital to the organization and its goals.

Many companies focus on specific departments as their “key” personnel, whether that’s marketing, sales, direct clinical staff, account service, master plumbers/carpenters or whatever, based on the industry. But every employee in the company is vital to the ongoing production of the company mission and we need to remember and acknowledge that.

As leaders, we need to make sure our staff understand that they are all key personnel.  Who can stay motivated if they believe their work isn’t important and that they’re just going through the motions?  But we wouldn’t be employing and paying them if they weren’t needed.  Make sure your staff know how their role fits into the company goals and objectives.  We should be sharing our plans, goals and expectations with them as vital parts of our team.

There may be days that people are “off”, and we also need to understand that.  But through support and appreciation, those days should be limited. Let them know you’re part of the team, too, and that you have their backs.  Understanding and appreciation will help them stay on track.

An office setting that is out of focus.
Blurred office scene.

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