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How do managers motivate staff?

Working with employees is one thing, but how do managers motivate staff to excel?  What can we do to help employees feel excited about their work or motivated to stand out?

A lot of us are self-motivated or find ways to encourage ourselves.  However, it never hurts to be told by someone else: “You can do it,” or “Good job” or “I have faith in you.”  Because life is hectic, we don’t always remember to let our staff know these things.

When’s the last time you complemented each member of your staff individually on a job well done? Do they know you support them?  Do they know their individual work is appreciated?

You or your company may have various recognition awards or processes to acknowledge staff, but just letting people know they make a difference can go a long way.  It’s easy to get bogged down in our day-to-day responsibilities and sometimes we can feel it’s a never-ending grind.  How would you feel if your manager came to you and said “I really appreciate your constant efforts.  You help make this company successful!”  My guess is that you’d stand a little taller and feel better about your work.  The same can be said about your team.

You may have some high achievers who get consistent recognition.  They’re likely first to be promoted or tasked with leading a project or some other form of recognition and that’s great.  But what about the steady workers who show up every day doing their job?   It may be easier to “forget” about them, but they are often the backbone of the organization.  And while recognizing your entire team for pulling together is good, don’t forget to provide honest, positive individual appreciation, too. 

We can all use more positivity in today’s world.  Expressing appreciation for the people you work with daily is a good start. Take a minute out of your schedule to let your employees know you see them and the work they do and that you recognize and are grateful for their efforts.  That may just be the motivation you all need!

Two women giving each other a high five!
High Five to Celebrate

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