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Rethinking the benefit experience!

Hard to believe it’s almost time for 2023 benefit enrollment! But I’ve had several conversations lately about benefits and it’s interesting to me that with all the discussion of flexibility for employees, companies don’t seem to think it applies to benefits, too.

We tend to offer various “packages” of insurance with at least some aspect of basic medical, dental and/or life insurance. Additionally, we may offer varieties of potential add-ons: pet insurance, FSA’s, HSA’s, additional hospitalization, disability, etc. But how often do we provide education about what this really means for employees and what’s the best use of their funds?

Those of us who work or have worked in benefit related fields probably have a good idea of “what makes sense” for us at least, but we can do a better job of re-looking at the options from different life phases, income levels, and philosophies and provide better information for employees.

As we look at many things in our worlds now from an employee perspective and reconsider old ways vs new, we need to relook at our benefit offerings and, even more importantly, our benefit education. Employees spend a lot of their income on benefits and if we’re not clarifying what the options are and what they could mean, those could be wasted dollars or dollars not spent on something that could be greatly beneficial.

We can’t offer standard, one-size-fits-all benefit information anymore. Rethink your roll out and what it can truly mean to your staff. Consider presenting benefits using different paths based on lifestyle. This can make the difference in retaining or losing valuable employees.

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