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Run On!

I participated in the BMW Dallas Marathon this weekend, having run the half marathon for several of the past years, and I was reminded again of how much fun it is to share an experience with others with similar goals.

I started running years ago, training for my first marathon, working with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training (Go Team!) and have kept running ever since.  Although training to run a full marathon is intense, to say the least, having others training with you and supporting you makes a HUGE difference!  There were times along the way I questioned my sanity (as my husband still often does) and it would have been easy to quit, but I had my coaches and teammates cheering me on and encouraging me to stay the course.  It can be easy to get discouraged with difficult tasks and we all have days we need extra support just to get through the grind.

When you’re working together and reach a difficult goal, the shared success feels even better.

The same can be said in regard to working with your team.  You should all be focused on the same goal, even if you’re working on different parts.  But it does help to remember that you’re in it together.

Does your staff understand and appreciate how their role fits into the department and organization’s success?  Do you bolster each other on days when the work seems harder for whatever reason and/or things don’t go according to plan?  Are you really working as a team or as individual contributors?

Organizational culture is improved when we feel we’re not alone.  When we know that on days we may not feel as motivated, someone will provide motivation just as we will do the same for them.  If we foster an environment of every person for themselves, we will see the consequences, either in a reduction of productivity or lack of creativity or quality of work or something else.

So cheer for your team and encourage them to support each other.  Then when you see the

finish line, you can all celebrate together, knowing it was a combined effort that got you there.

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