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In looking at the calendar, I noticed it was National Smile Day. My first thought was “whatever,” but then I realized if we could ever use smiles, it was these days! What makes you smile?

I do have to admit, when someone walks by with a big (honest) smile on their face, my first inclination is to smile back, regardless of my mood. Dogs and smiling babies also elicit immediate smiles for me (as do sweets). Jokes can be hit or miss, although my “mama” jokes always make my kids smile (well, maybe not so much).

I was reading that this particular national day was proposed by two dentists (go figure—good marketing ploy), but I also read how helpful it is to smile--making us more approachable certainly, brightening emotions and helping our immunity. Most of us are aware, even if it is on a subconscious level, that we do feel better when we smile.

So to that end, I challenge you all to smile the day away! Pass it on! And then maybe try and continue the trend throughout the week/month/year. Smiles can brighten our days and they are one of the few things that are still free!

Smile and enjoy your week!

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