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Special Events: The Solar Eclipse and Your Employees

The solar eclipse was a special event that many of us enjoyed.  Did you take advantage of the opportunity to use it as a team building exercise with your employees? 

Special events are called “special” for a reason.  And they can lead to opportunities for us to build relationships with our staff.  Did you and your employees pause from your normal duties to enjoy the experience?  Did you plan to take advantage of it or did it just happen?

When we have opportunities for unique experiences, whether they’re public, such as the solar eclipse, or more personalized, like an anniversary or personal or professional milestone of some sort, they can provide us with opportunities to share experiences.  If we are intentional in our actions it can provide meaningful opportunities.

Today happens to be National Unicorn Day!  While few of us have encountered actual unicorns, if we planned for it, it could be an opportunity to encourage conversation and/or maybe plan activities around the theme.  Regardless of your industry, there is a high probability that there is at least one day of celebration that resonates with your business and/or your employees.  Plan activities and/or suggest topics that encourage conversation with your staff surrounding various topics.

Sharing experiences over various events/topics help us relate to each other and can bring us together to work more as a team.  Most of us strive for a culture that encourages teamwork and an eagerness to help each other.  Providing opportunities for shared experiences can bring us together.

The solar eclipse was a community-shared experience that had strangers interacting in the event.  Did you marvel with or express awe at the sight with a stranger?  Think of what you can do when you plan something to share with your employees!

People watching the eclipse from a parking lot.
Viewing the Solar Eclipse


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