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Take Lessons from our Pets

I read a story about a dog who was rescued from a hard life and, despite his troubles, he was very trusting and open and seemed to have no preconceived suspicions about new people with whom he came into contact.

Wouldn’t the world be nice if we could share and act on at least some of that faith in people.

For the most part, in our own little worlds, we seem to accept and trust situations that fit into our “norms.” But when faced with differences, whether that’s geographical, cultural, or circumstantial, often our guards go up and we become wary of things we may not understand or appreciate.

I do believe that most people have good intentions and that’s played out over the years to be true. We all make mistakes and do things we’re not always proud of, but I do believe that we, as humans, mostly want to live in peace and harmony and get along with each other.

Its easy to lose sight of that with all the bad news we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. There is far more coverage about issues than about successes—the successes tend not to be as dramatic. I’m going to do my best to try and look at the world as my dog does and start with an expectation of good as opposed to uncertainty.

I spoke at an event the other day about the idea that positive expectations lead to better outcomes and I’m going to work hard to live that.

Let’s expect good things.

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