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What can a small business do for Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day is upon us, so in what ways can small businesses celebrate?  Ideally, our employees feel appreciated every day, but occasionally, we all like to feel a little more special!  But small businesses can’t compete with large company budgets in offering perks.  So what can they do?

Showing appreciation isn’t about money (although most people agree money rarely “hurts”).  It really is more important that we let our employees know how much we appreciate their time and effort in our companies.  When is the last time you thanked them for their part in marking your organization successful?  If you think back over your career, having your manager offer a sincere word of thanks almost always provided a feel-good moment!

There are other ways, too, we can show appreciation.  Food is always my go to.  I love to eat (as do most people).  Bringing in lunch or treats can make the day more fun.  Consider your audience and tailor to what they like most—sweets? Healthy snacks? Something different/unusual? Cater to their tastes!

How about a “no meeting day” or “no email day” or “standing/walking/moving meeting day” or “outside meeting only day,” basically anything that disrupts the norm in a beneficial way!

If your employees are into giving back, maybe have an afternoon charity event, where part of the day is devoted to helping a cause (either one chosen by the company, the employees, or giving each the option of choosing their own)?

And speaking of time, who doesn’t like/want/need extra time?  How about letting staff go early or come in late or take a long break or whatever works for your organization?  Maybe have the supervisors perform staff duties for the day, “trading places” so to speak for a portion of the day.

There are all kinds of options in celebrating Employee Appreciation Day and they don’t have to cost money.  Let’s acknowledge how much we appreciate the efforts employees make in helping our companies thrive!

Confetti in the air!
Employee Appreciation Day!

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