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Who are we holding accountable?

In the human resources world, there’s a lot of discussion about accountability. We often talk about holding employees accountable for their actions and clarifying expectations when things go wrong.

But are we holding ourselves accountable?

Managers sometimes bemoan the idea that their workers are not being productive enough or that they’re not producing a quality service/product or that they’re creating drama. But is it really the employees or is it the manager? Are we doing a good job at looking at ourselves in a mirror and spotlighting the “true” issue?

It’s so much easier to complain about others and what they’re doing or not doing than it is for us to realize we play an integral part in the outcome. Have I been clear in my directions or do I leave too much open to interpretation, expecting employees to read my mind? When I am not happy with the output, do I look for a scapegoat or do I stop what I’m doing to find out what happened so I can set employees on a better path or resolve any roadblocks that may have materialized? When drama appears, do I step in and bring down the curtain or do I bring out the popcorn to watch?

Am I holding myself accountable?

It’s easy for us as managers/leaders to get so wrapped up in our responsibilities that we forget to be responsible and accountable for others. If your work atmosphere continues to have the same types of issues over and over, are you the common denominator? Step back and determine what changes you need to make to move forward and resolve problems on an ongoing basis so you’re not constantly hitting the same wall.

When you’re looking at accountability in your organization, turn the mirror towards yourself, first. If you don’t do that, how can you expect others to behave any differently?

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