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A Season for Giving

As I make preparations for the holidays, I’m reminded of all the gifts I’ve gotten through the years.  The gifts that stand out the most are those that prepared me for life’s challenges or helped me move forward in different ways.  The other gifts that are most notable are the gifts of kindness I’ve witnessed or been recipient of.

As a Human Resources professional, it’s easy to focus on the negativity I deal with and the myriad of ways some individuals scheme to simply avoid working.  The irony many times is that they put much more effort into getting out of work than they would have expended if they’d just done the job.

But those really are the exceptions.   The vast majority of people I’ve worked with want to do a good job and make a difference and do really want to contribute to the organization.  As with drama in the news/social media, we tend to dwell on negativity when the reality is there is a lot more positivity around for us to acknowledge; oftentimes, it just doesn’t seem as exciting.

As we draw near to the end of the year, let’s focus on that positivity and say thanks to our staff for their efforts.  Let’s also thank the managers, teachers and/or leaders who’ve worked with us to help us through a project or taught us something new or a different way of thinking.  Consider the last time you had a conflict and what you learned from the situation.  Thank the person who brought this into your consciousness, even if they were on an “opposing” side.

Let’s all try and practice the gift of positivity, focusing on the good things that happen each day rather than dwelling on the bad. 

Wishing you peace, joy and positivity throughout the holidays and the years ahead!

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