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Acknowledging Year End Stressors

When winter comes along and the holidays approach, we tend to feel like we’re running on all cylinders, but often the focus is on our personal lives and not our business lives. The days are shorter and distractions abound. There’s too much to do and not enough time; oh, and we do still have work to do, too!

So how do we help keep our employees focused on the job?

It’s easy to get sidetracked this time of year for all of us. Are you doing anything to address this with your employees? What are the things that must get done before year end—have you identified those and are you making sure they’re on track?

It can help by acknowledging all that’s going on and letting your staff know you understand. Employees may be more tired this time of year (whether due to the lack of sun or increased activities or feelings of being overwhelmed or whatever); more stressed, feeling more rushed and less healthy (lots of temptations there).

Get together with your team to let them know you understand and want to support them however you can:

· Remind your employees of any mental health services your company provides.

· Understand critical needs and any barriers to address. Just having everyone on the same page can help!

· Encourage activity—maybe now’s a good time for a walking/standing meeting or even an outside meeting if weather allows. These can be done virtually or in person.

· Have everyone put together a list of success stories from the year and share those!

· As manager, note something good about team members and announce that!

· Say thank you and smile (and mean it). It’s amazing how far that can go!

These times can be difficult, but we can do things to make them easier. What are you doing for your team?

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