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Are you recruiting the “right” employees?

There’s been a lot of press about worker shortages and low unemployment, but what difference does that make if you’re not looking at the “right” requirements in recruiting? When’s the last time you really looked at your job postings or experience/education requirements?

If you run a small business and rarely hire, make sure you’re looking at the list of requirements and that they are really what you need. If you’re in a bigger organization and frequently recruit, have you looked at current staff to determine which skills/qualities have been most successful in the positions you’re recruiting?

Now is not the time to limit options in hiring. We really need to know if that degree we have listed makes a difference or would actual work experience be preferable? Or would we be better served with someone new to the industry or with limited experience who we can train for the specific skills we need? Bringing in someone from a similar (or even no apparent association) industry could potentially bring in perspectives that could move us forward in ways we didn’t even realize!

Think of the possibilities if we broaden our scope!

I’ve encouraged companies to cross train their staff to promote flexibility and encourage employee growth. This is also helpful in areas that struggle to find employees. But we also need to look at it as an opportunity. When I’m in a new situation, I’m much more likely to question why things are done a certain way or ask for the point of what we're doing. If I go in with experience to something I’m more comfortable with, I’m less likely to question my expectations; that can lead to missed opportunities.

We need to remember this with our staff. Encourage change. Encourage questions. Look for new skills/traits/experience that you haven’t previously considered. If you’re frustrated with what you’ve seen, widen the door.

We don’t remember to question ourselves as much as we should. What talents do you really need for your open positions and what will help you and them move forward to success?

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