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Are You Recruiting Your Staff?

In case you’ve been asleep, there are lots of discussions about labor shortages these days. I read a poll recently that noted which industries were having the most trouble finding staff, and almost every industry I could think of was listed! So where does that leave us?

A labor pool that can be forgotten is composed of our current staff. If we are not recruiting them, we’re going to have even more problems. Are your employees happy? Do your high performers know they’re appreciated? Are goals built around future possibilities, helping staff see potential for growth?

If the answers to those questions are no, you’re going to face even more shortages.

You need to make sure your star performers know they’re appreciated and that their work makes a difference within the company. They also need to know that you have a vision for them that aligns with their desires for growth and that you’re providing them with the tools they need to get there.

Your good, steady performers also need to know they’re appreciated and that you also see a future for them. Those who’ve expressed contentment with their current position/duties may be taken for granted. You need to continue to make sure they also know they’re appreciated for the work they do and that you are doing what you can to help them grow in skills and knowledge. Contentment with a current position is different from stagnation.

Those who are not working at an acceptable level need to understand the specific concerns and the steps you’re taking to get them where they need to be. Those who may be new to the company or position or simply need additional training should be clear as to how you’re getting them where they need to be. If they don’t have the necessary skills or attitude and have no desire to change either, then they may not have a place within the organization and managers need to make that clear, compassionately and honestly.

Most employees have good intentions and want to do a good job. Employees are looking for meaningful work and want to know that what they do makes a difference. If we can’t make the message clear as to how our employees feed into organizational success, we’re going to get lonely, watching them leave.

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