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Are You Socializing?

This is Social Wellness Month, so before it passes us by, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind managers that we can play a role in helping promote social wellness with our employees by encouraging them to work together and seek out new interactions.

When’s the last time you provided any type of cross-departmental activity? In what ways are you encouraging your staff to reach out to meet others within the company or, if you’re a small business, with clients/vendors where they don’t typically interact?

Employee engagement is vital these days with labor shortages, quiet quitting, loud quitting, and disengagement. The more invested our staff are within our companies, the more likely they’ll stick with us and provide the support and work product we need/want. In addition, promoting social wellness is another pillar of overall well-being that we can practice for the betterment of ourselves and our staff.

Reach out to managers with whom you rarely/never work and set up a group activity for you and your staff. Make it fun! Incorporate hobbies you know your employees enjoy and let the “experts” teach others about it; have a volunteer hour/morning-afternoon-evening event; bring in someone to teach a class on something (yoga/dance/gardening/comedy—be inventive); play board games—let your imagination go!

We all need to shake up our routines from time to time and it can be a fun way to interact and remind each other we’re human beings as well as co-workers. This also provides energy and helps employees connect!

So get together! Socialize! Work on your relationships! It can help productivity and it’s a good thing to do!

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