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Get Up and Move!

This is the week of Global Running recognition and, as a runner, I would happily encourage everyone to get out (or stay in on a treadmill) and run! For me, it’s a great stress reliever and energy booster. But it’s really just the act of getting up and moving (believe me, I don’t exactly break the sound barrier with my speed).

Mental and physical well-being are vital for managers and employees, and managers should set the example in taking care of themselves and modeling the behavior for employees. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete, and even if you consider yourself the polar opposite of an athlete, ANY effort you make in improving yourself physically or mentally is a great illustration for your staff.

We’ve all heard multiple times about the benefits of movement and exercise, physically and cognitively. Promoting this and showing how you can incorporate that into your workday will help in eliciting the best efforts from your employees while showing them you’re concerned about their well-being.

So what can you do? It’s too hot; it’s too cold; I’m too busy. These are all excuses you need to stop listening to. Are you on a cell phone at work? Are you ever in meetings? If you’re in the office, do you ever need to talk to other coworkers in the office? For any of these, you can stand, walk or move around while you’re doing these things. If you can avoid it, don’t pick up the phone to talk with someone else in the office—meet them at their office or a mutual location that you both must get out to!

If you search for “office exercises,” you’ll get LOTS of options on things that can be done without the cost of equipment or specific clothing needs. If you’re in a meeting lasting more than an hour, at some point (or two) ask everyone to take 30 seconds just to stretch or move in some way. Try it yourself—it really does help “wake” you up and helps you refocus for more productive meetings!

So celebrate Global Running Day by moving and encouraging your staff to do the same. It’s a good thing to do personally and professionally!

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