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Let’s have fun (just not too much . . . )!

It’s the time of year when holiday gatherings and parties are in full swing. But have you talked with your managers about what not to do? Do they have a clear understanding of where the lines are drawn? And do they understand that their version of joking and/or camaraderie (especially where any drinking is involved) may be someone else’s version of harassment and/or intimidation?

Acknowledging the hard work our staff has done and taking a moment to celebrate that is a good thing. We need to make sure we show appreciation to our employees and let them know that we really do see the contributions they make. But we also have to remember that this is a business affair, and our conduct should reflect that understanding.

For those who have parties with alcohol, most know to limit the number of drinks per person by utilizing drink tickets or some other method (although if there’s alcohol, very few limitation methods are foolproof). But have you thought about or spoken with your managers to suggest they completely refrain for themselves? Maybe provide them with a gift card to enjoy something at home later so there are no concerns at the party?

We all like to have fun and I’m not averse to enjoying the moment, but is it worth the risk of letting loose for one night? As leaders/managers, we need to make sure we set an example; otherwise, how can we expect others to do the same or better?

You know your company and your employees better than anyone else. What can you do to celebrate in a way that embraces all accomplishments in an enjoyable, distinct, and safe way? Although it might seem “fun” to have a no holds barred event, think about the potential cost.

Business conduct doesn’t get a pass during the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves. Just make sure we’re not paying too high of a price and that we, as managers/leaders, continue to set an example.

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