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Let's have some fun!

I can’t believe I missed National Ice Cream Sandwich and Chocolate Chip Cookie Days! Of course, at my house, any day can be ice cream or chocolate chip cookie day (that’s how life really should be!).

What have you done for you and your employees lately that’s been fun? Have you done anything spontaneous? Bringing in some cookies or ice cream is a fun way to mark the ending of summer/return to school and offers a little pick-me-up for your employees.

While job growth has slowed, many industries still face a shortage of workers. In addition, employees continue leaving their jobs in large numbers. But putting that aside, what helps you and your organization stand out to be a good place to work?

Does your staff feel recognized for their accomplishments? Do they feel heard for their suggestions? Do they know you care or do they wonder if you’re ever going to come out of your office or join them in a virtual meeting?

Do something fun and spontaneous! Bring in a food item or bubble blower or an entertainer or whatever works for your organization and your employees.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money—you can make your own cookies or write thank you notes or bring in bags of candy to pass out. Tell the employees to come in an hour later the next day (stagger by person/department if necessary) or leave an hour earlier just because. Maybe have staff nominate a non-profit and organize a group to volunteer at the “winning” charity. If you’re in one of the heat zones, set up a drawing for winners to be pulled on the first “under 100-degree temperature day” or the first rainy day!

There are lots of ways to “disrupt” the routine and serve the purpose of letting your staff know they’re appreciated. And who doesn’t like to have fun?

So do something to make your staff smile (while I go get some ice cream)!

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