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Setting Manageable Resolutions

Many of us want to start the new year fresh and have grandiose plans for how much we’re going to change/improve.  At least, that’s my thought—I always have plenty of things I can be better at! 😊  But then of course I get dragged down by reality and the thought of tackling more than I can handle. Often the goals go by the wayside in the not-very-distant-future (say be January 7 . . . ).

So, I decided to try picking a few things that I should be doing anyway that don’t take a lot of time/energy/effort but are a little more realistic and can enhance my life and maybe even the lives of others.  Here are some things I’m going to try and tackle with purpose:

  • Vow to notice something new/different every week (this can be a change in someone else or scenery or new equipment I pass by; whatever).

  • Vow to say something nice to someone you don’t often talk to and mean it (it’s so easy to just pass people by if we’re not intentional).

  • Vow to learn something new each week (this is easy for me—there is ALWAYS something new to learn).

  • Vow to eat something you want to but know you shouldn’t and not feel guilty once/week (I don’t think I’ll have problems with this one . . . ).

  • Vow to leave your phone off for one hour/week in the middle of a day (this will take some calendar reminders—but I’m going to try).

  • Vow to help your employees with their goals at least monthly (this is something we really should be doing anyway).

  • Vow to stand/walk/exercise/meditate 5 additional minute each day (five minutes isn’t much, so I think I can handle it).

  • Vow to challenge yourself with something once/quarter (I’m going to look for things I put off—I’ll have plenty of options there . . . ).

I may or may not do each of these things every single week, but if I can do them several times through the year, I’d consider that a win.

What are some resolutions that you may actually do?

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